TOOL Steel.
BOHLER of Austria is a renowned worldwide leading ISO 9002 manufacturer of quality High Grade Steel. Bohler has granted Moulds & Tools an Exclusive Agency Agreement, allowing it to supply the Saudi Arabian Market with the following Bohler products:

Bohler K110 ? an equivalent to AISI D2, K110 is suitable for such use as high-duty cutting (dies & punches), blanking & punching tools, shear blades requiring high wear resistance

Bohler K100- this is Bohler?s version of AISI D3. Hence, you can use K100 in a variety of applications like punches, dies, knurling tools and other cold works that require not only good wear resistance but tool toughness as well.

Bohler K460 ? AISI O1, K460 is best for cutting tools (punches & dies), blanking & punching tools and other cold works that require more toughness in their tools.

Bohler K720 ? conforming to DIN 1.2842, K720 is also Bohler?s version of the AISI O2. Hence, this grade can be applied to such cold working processes as punching & blanking dies and other jobs that do not require high production rates.

Bohler M238 ?M238 is Bohler?s result of extensive research & development to come up with a superior Plastic Mould material. It is therefore applicable for use in large moulds (over 400 mm thickness). It is supplied pre- hardened at approx. 300 HB (~32 HRC), and has high toughness and good polishability.

Bohler M300- this grade conforms to DIN 1.2316, an excellent Plastic Mould steel for use in such applications as moulds for aggressive plastics (e.g. PVC) and other plastics containing abrasive fillers. Condition as supplied is pre-hardened at 32 HRC.

Bohler M310 ? This Plastic Mould material is supplied in the annealed condition, allowing the user to heat treats it and optimize its performance. With an obtainable hardness of 53-56 HRC, M310 has high wear resistance, making it good material for PVC manufacturing. And owing to its excellent polish ability, this grade is particularly suited for moulds of lenses and other kinds of optical products.

Bohler M461 ? is an excellent Bohler Plastic Mould grade that is designed solely to satisfy the Plastic Industry?s evolving requirement. This grade is best for high-precision plastic moulds, compression moulds for all types and other delicate plastic processing jobs. M461 has the best EDM properties and comes supplied at 38 ? 42 HRC.

Bohler W302 ? W302 conforms to AISI H13, applicable to heavy duty hot work tools and dies, mainly for light alloy processing; also for hot extrusion and for tools & dies in the manufacture of hollow bodies, screws, rivets, nuts & bolts. It may also be used for die casting, as forming dies as well as hot shear blades.